Building Belief In Yourself

About Self Sense

Glenn Stevenson is a licensed psychotherapist and credentialed life coach in Orange County, California, who helps people believe in themselves.  He helps people alleviate anxiety and depression and specializes in improving self-esteem and self-confidence. Glenn also helps with relationships, when a person is confused by a girlfriend or boyfriend, having marital problems, or has broken up or lost someone and is grieving. He helps people find themselves again in relation to another. And Glenn helps people find new direction in their lives, for people who are not sure what type of work they would like to do or are not satisfied with their jobs and would like to explore a new direction. Glenn is a certified...

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Recent Blog Posts

February 22, 2015 |

The Four Stages of Change

Change is something we all want in some fashion, but we find so difficult to make happen. Today I’m going to discuss with you the four stages of change. Knowing where you are in the changes you want to make can help you to move along. The four stages to change are: The Unawareness Stage Awareness with No Action Awareness with Fumbling Action Awareness with Easy Action

March 27, 2013 |

Go for It

For most of us, there are things we would like to have in our lives that we do not.  Getting these things takes...

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Success Stories

A quick look at our recent clients that we have helped succeed. Please hover on the images on the right and click on the page icon to read more.


Sue was highly successful and well paid in her...


Hank had been a computer programmer and systems...


Pamela, a mother of two elementary school...